Advantages of Universal Life Insurance:

  1. Provides additional flexibility.
  2. You can borrow against the policy in the form of a loan.
  3. It offers more flexibility compared to whole life insurance.

Universal Life Insurance is an affordable permanent life insurance policy

Universal life insurance offers all-round protection to your loved ones, flexibility and variety of investment options. Universal Life Insurance is an affordable permanent life insurance policy with more flexibility and guarantees. Universal Life insurance has a better potential of higher cash values.

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Dost Insurance provides you with different policies which give you different options of time and benefits.

Life Insurance

Get lowest life insurance quotes from Dost Insurance. We will provide you customized policies as per your requirements.

SuperVisa Insurance

Compare and save using our quick online comparison tool for super visa insurance. Click here to compare the rates.

Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness insurance provides a lump-sum benefit to help support you financially...

Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance offers you a simple, affordable way to provide an income should a disability prevent you from working.

Visitor Insurance

At Dost Insurance you get guaranteed Lowest Rate Comparison for the Canadian Visitor Insurance.

Travel Insurance

A Travel Insurance Plan can protect and cover you against medical and other financial emergencies that may occur during your travel.

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